Human cloning

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Human cloning is a cruel and unsafe experiment

Did you know that Dolly, the world's first cloned sheep, was discarded about 200 times before one even survived? Did you know that more than 98% ofclones are either malformed, stillborn, or die immediately after birth? Did you know that, although they appear normal, most clones have congenital defects such as premature aging?
Cloning is a crueland unsafe experiment, and any attempt at human cloning would constitute an unethical experimentation upon the unborn child.
In 1997 the world was introduced to a six month old lamb named Dolly, thefirst successfully cloned mammal, putting everyone around the world into shock. The time has come where our technology in science and medicine have advanced so much that human cloning has left sciencefiction and has now progressed into science. A high percent of people feel that there could be nothing good we could get out of cloning human beings and “nothing scientifically or medically importantwould be lost by banning colonal reproduction.
Cloning Dolly the sheep had a low success rate per fertilized egg; she was born after 237 eggs were used to create 29 embryos, which only producedthree lambs at birth, only one of which lived.
Hundreds of mammals have been cloned so far but most attempts fail during pregnancy, there are many birth defects.
An abnormal baby would be a nightmarecome true. The technique is extremely risky right now. A particular worry is the possibility that the genetic material used from the adult will continue to age so that the genes in a newborn baby clonecould be - say - 30 years old or more on the day of birth. Many attempts at animal cloning produced disfigured monsters with severe abnormalities. So that would mean creating cloned embryos,implanting them and destroying (presumably) those that look imperfect as they grow in the womb. However some abnormalities may not appear till after birth. A cloned cow recently died several weeks after...
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