Communicative competence

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Communicative competence

When we talk about communicative competence, we are referring to all the process that the people have to make or develop during their lives. For example, to get a betterjob, or have a higher level in some place, the use of communication is important and necessary. A very important brand or factory will not hire uncompetitive workers or managers.

Not onlycommunicative competence is developed when we need to be success in life, but also when we are child. When we born we have necessities “we begin at birth by interacting with those around us to keep warm, dryand fed. We learn very soon that the success of particular communication strategy depends on the willingness of others to understand and on the interpretation they give to our meaning.” Savignon Sandracommunicative competence: theory of classroom practice. Contexts in second language learner. Reading, Massachusetts: addysalon-weslli.1983
When we are growing up, we do not cry anymore when we wantsomething. We learn structures that help us to obtain, say, complain, etc.

The register or style of speech is very important; we need to know the use of our register or the way we express somethingto someone. “If a woman wants to sound like a business executive, she has to talk the way business executive talk when they are on the job. The same register would of course be inappropriate whentalking of personal matters with a spouse or an intimate friend.” Savignon Sandra communicative competence: theory of classroom practice. Contexts in second language learner. Reading, Massachusetts:addysalon-weslli.1983

Not only words are the key to communicate something, also gestures can be very useful when speaking. All the body language helps to interpret and to make easier the process ofcommunication.

While others linguistics such as Bloomfield (1933) had focused on the surface of the sentences. Noam Chomsky worked with deep structures, or how are understood all the sentences. He...
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