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It all started in 2011, in the city of Venice, at dusk, in a university, the medical faculty. They saw, and were where they met Aurora and Robert.
Everything began to descend the steps of the auditorium number two, there was a young man, not handsome, but he kept calling the attention of Aurora. With short brown hair, hazel eyes, white skin and also tall. Robert stared at Aurora and down thestairs; he saw a woman sufficiently high, white skin, walking firmly, blue eyes, and hair redhead. The two looked at each other and liked each other. Both are staring, and she smiled too. He would never forget that special moment for him and she did not forget it.
Then he even commissioned a friend to take you some messages to the young Aurora, his attraction to her. She has only limited thinkingnever notices her, much less the young and young people, as was Robert. Was a Monday, when he sends you a note, and which invited her to take a ride through the canals of Venice, when she was filled with excitement to know that for the first time was required for a boy. Of course she accepted. Be stayed on the bridge of Sighs. She jumped for joy, so happy she told her friends would see the heis more popular in medical school. Aurora was very nice for Robert.
At the time that Aurora is close to Robert, his heart began to jump so much emotion. She began to get nervous. Because she saw a Robert with flowers.
He told the young: -that you look pretty in this beautiful morning… And with those words she blushed.
When she finally answered, with a kiss on the cheek, and said (Aurora).- I thought that you were not coming.
And he said, (Robert). - How do you think is the game of my hand, inviting you?
She replied a bit confused.
(Aurora) No, but we have only seen once. - (smile)
(Robert). - That to me was enough to know that you're beautiful and I'm in love with you!
She was speechless with this answer, and he contented himself hesitating: I like you too much!
(Robert)-I know I must seem somewhat abrupt, but you have something that fascinates me. And that feeling that you inspire me just confesses my lovely lady...
Totally confused he proposed. (Aurora)- What do you think if we walk across the bridge?
He answered: (Robert). - It is an honor to walk with you my beloved Aurora.
Walked across the bridge and looked over and could not stop, when they reached theend of the bridge, he proposed: that gave a tour of a gondola. When the boat moved slowly, for those floodwaters of love, he took his hand and said: - I am in love with you Aurora. The day passed very quickly, so the two lovers. Aurora felt butterflies in her stomach, to be on par with Roberto she felt her world was at his feet. Robert was very fond of the beautiful girl Aurora, the only thought Iwas the prettiest person around the world. The next day, he sought throughout the medical school to tell her a great time with it and maybe you agreed to another date with you. Aurora also was looking for him the entire faculty, until finally, founded sitting and reading a book. She is JOINING to him; she gave him a hug and (Aurora) asked:
-hello my dear Robert, how was your day?
(Robert) said:-Hi Aurora, well my day was good but I miss you so much. Did you know that I can’t live if you know are with me. Oh, my beautiful lady… want to go with me to buy ice cream?
(Aurora) said:
As they walked to buy ice cream, Robert holds the hand of Aurora. Aurora smiled. Roberto began talking about how pretty she is all along the way. She smiled, at times laughed and hugged himsometimes with all his love. Bought her ice cream and they went walking to the park to speak and have fun. They sat in a pew.
They talked a little of everything … she got up and said, began follow her to run with all his might. The well was running and only laughed and in his mind believed that the girl of his dreams who will make life more every day. The two were so much fun… when she had finished...
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