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for CHAPTER 9: A GLOSSARY OF USAGE pages 274–278

Glossary of Usage C

Use pages 274–278 of the Glossary of Usage to describe how to correcly use the following:

good &well – good is an adjective so you use it to describe nouns or pronouns & well is an adverb so you use it describe verbs, adverbs or adjectives

leave & let – 1. Leave as a verb means to depart orto go away from or to cause to remain behind. As a noun, leave refers to a departure.
2. Let as a verb means to allow or to permit. Let also can mean to rent or to lease. As a noun, let can mean ahindrance or an obstacle.
like & as – Like is a preposition, which means that it can come before a noun but it should not come before a whole clause containing a verb. As is a conjunction, and can beused before a clause containing a verb.
had ought & hadn’t ought – Just say “she ought to come in before she drowns,” not “had ought.” And hadn’t ought in noun is duty or obligation.
learn vs. teach– learn is To acquire, or attempt to acquire knowledge or an ability to do something and teach is to impart the knowledge of

hisself, theirself, theirselves – The singular forms of reflexive pronounsare myself, yourself, herself, himself, itself; the plural forms are ourselves, yourselves, themselves. Some people use themselves (or themself) to refer to the subject of the sentence, to avoidsaying whether the subject is male or female

kind, sort, type – ‘type‘ usually means a precisely defined category.sort‘ is more general, often about character rather than definition and can be used ina negative way e.g. What sort of person would do a terrible thing like that? kind‘ is about half way between, usually referring to large categories or families of things that are naturally related.kind of, sort of – That kind of stirring, pioneering front provides the impetus to move further on. Sort of is Somewhat; rather.
like, as if, as though – like Possessing the characteristics of;...
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