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English Composition

In this composition I'll introduce myself, explaining my personality, my habits, etc.
First of all, my personal information: My name's Rafa Lucena, and I'm 16 years old (mybirthday is 6th of July). I've lived in Rubí since I was born, but I was born in Terrassa. But there is a curiosity: in my "DNI", it says that I was born in Rubí. That's 'cause in Rubí we don't havehospital, and all the pregnant women must go to Terrassa's hospital to give birth.
I live with my parents, Rafa and Cristina. My parent is team leader in a aluminium carpenter, and my mother isaccountant in a enterprise in Rubí.
I have a sister too, Sara Cris. She's 21 years old, and now she is studding translation and interpretation in UAB, and she has already finished Nursery degree in Valld'Hebron.

My personality is very simple, I'm Friendly 'cause I love stay with my friends and meet new people! I don't have any problem to speak with somebody. But here comes the problem: I'm sociable.Too sociable!
I ALWAYS must speak with somebody, or I must do something important to stay quiet, but when I can, I speak! But there is an exception: when I call somebody by phone, I'm very shy, Idon't know why, but it fright me!

About my likes and dislikes... I LOVE playing videogames! But not shooters videogames, that are stupid with only shoots, I like videogames with a TRUE story. It'slike read a book, but YOU are who "lives" the story.
I also like reading, it's very funny, and watch films too! I like fantasy books, like Harry Potter, Narnia, and another type of books, like AnnaFrank's diary. My favourite category of films is humour! I like to waste my time watching simple movies that make me laugh, to disconnect a few hours of the reality.
But I don't like sport. I hate it.All'em bore me, I suppose that's 'cause I'm too bad, and it frustrate me ( I must confess that I'm too lazy too! )

I have some pet peeves, like I can't stand staying in noisy places. It stress me!...
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