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Rainstorm, communal job, help for people in Escazu, join different people from different parts in Costa Rica in order to create help conscience.

Pre writing

Sometimes ourlives can change from the night to morning, and is easier to watch the T.V and see that are people passing through a difficult situation; as usual almost all people think ‘poor community’ and we arepositives, because we always are convinced that the rest all the citizens are going to help them, as they have more time and more money than us; it is very difficult to put in the shoes of the world, aswe always suppose all the terrible situations can occur to the rest of the people, but never it will happen to us, but it is very impossible to be completely sure of that thought, because this life isvery ironic sometimes we can be in a good position and at the next day we can be handling a very bad situation, because life is changing all the days.


* Help people.

* Peoplefrom Escazú is still needing help

* Put in the shoes of communities that are passing by a difficult situation

* Be kindness

* Communal work


1. How can we create helpconscience?

2. Why is important to help a community that is handling difficult circumstances?

3. What kind of strategies we can use in order to catch the attention of people?

4. Where are theperfect places in order to join people that are willing to help?

5. When can we request to the society for help?

6. Who are the perfect people to help a population that are dealing a hardsituation?

What if

* What if our life charges from the night to morning, what we will hope of our community?

* What if we can help people that are passing by a difficult momentum? What will bethe feeling that we are going to have?

* What if we supposed that other people can help better that us to a community that needs a soon help?


Last year Las Lajas, San Antonio,...
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