Crisis urbana

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What is the Urban Crisis?
Urban Crisis: Is the rapidly growth of urban areas. The over population of citiescan lead to trouble, that means the city could support a wide spread of population but with this the livingconditions will deteriorate. With the past of the years, this has become a great issue that the term Urban Crisiswas coined to describe the Growth problem.

What might be done to relieve the urban crisis?There are some aspects that population could improve by:
- Implementing better transportation methods, forexample having a train that could go from urban areas to the suburbs that could lead into people feeling morecomfortable, secure, avoiding crime.
- The expansion of small businesses in the suburbs will make people’slife easier. ; For example having some grocery stores apart from the downtown will make people save some money byjust buying groceries or simple necessities at next door.
- Mobilize jobs into houses will allow citizensto work at their places saving people’s money working at home, avoiding the overpopulation in cities....
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