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Funny Faces
by Kelly Hashway

Liz stared at the large envelopes in Mr. Mason’s hand. The school pictures were here. Liz had been so excited on pictureday. She’d just gotten a new hair cut and a brand new sweater. Her mom had even let her wear lip-gloss. Now she’d finally get to see how the picture turned out. “When you get your envelope, pleaselocate the spare photo for the classroom display,” Mr. Mason said. Mr. Mason had a Wall of Fame board in the back of the classroom. Every year he posted pictures of his students and had them sign theirnames. Mr. Mason placed an envelope facedown on Liz’s desk. “Retakes are on Wednesday,” he whispered. Retakes? Liz panicked. How awful could it be? She took a deep breath and lifted one corner of theenvelope. All she could see was her hair. Nothing wrong there. No stray pieces standing on end or anything like that. Liz raised the envelope a little higher, and then she saw it. Her eyes werehalf-closed! She slammed the envelope back down before anyone else could see.

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Liz looked around the room. A few others had their envelopesface-down on their desks too. “Mr. Mason, can I ask the class a question?” Liz said. Mr. Mason nodded. “Be my guest.” Liz stood up. “Does anyone else have a bad picture? My eyes are half-closed, and Ilook kind of funny.” “I’m sneezing in my picture,” Jeff said. “Nothing can be funnier than that.” “My hair is sticking up on one side,” Melanie said. Liz looked at the Wall of Fame. “I have an idea.What if we start a new bulletin board, one for funny pictures? We could call it Funny Faces.” She took a picture from her envelope and walked over to the Wall of Fame. She taped her picture on theblank board next to it. Mr. Mason handed her a marker, and Liz wrote “Funny Faces” in big letters. Without saying anything, Jeff and Melanie posted their pictures next to Liz’s. Several others added...
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