Ensayo En Inglés Sobre Bebés Probeta

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Is not pretend to be God: It’s evolution
The purpose of this essay is to present information about the life created through the aid of the man, along with an explanation of the new technologiesapplied to the area of the maternity, and to present a brief summary about why there is a stigma of abnormality appointed in the test-tube babies, considering that the test-tube babies are bettergenetically and more suitable for human natural selection than those born naturally, because only the best cells are chosen to create babies making more probable the born of humans without imperfections.
Asan example, there are a lot of famous cases of this new type of children, in the actually is an alternative for those couples with conception problems, also this way is used to prevent the born ofindividuals with hereditary diseases, or inclusively is an option for those people that want to have a child without needing a partner for it. This project of artificial life has a short time, since1978, and although at that time it caused a lot of controversy, now is better seen by the society. I consider that a great example that proves that this innovation works is the first test-tube baby:Louise Brown. Because she has had a normal life of more than 30 years, and even she has given birth to two children in a natural way. “Eventually, the capacity of grow a fetus in a totally artificialuterus would facilitate genetic modifications, and would make easier the correction of mistakes in the DNA human map, might even become the preferred means to produce a child” (Rifkin, 2002).
“¿Do theynot seek to play the role of a God now, while seeking to create life?” (Royce, 1978). This was one of the multiple answers that had the process of creating life. The in vitro or artificialfertilization is a form of assisted reproductive technology, which means that special medical techniques are used to help a woman to get pregnant. According to Dr. Masri, doctor in the DAM clinic of...
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