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1. - Tell me about yourself.

I went Telecommunications technician at school Father Joseph Kentenich. I comply with the tasks or jobs assigned to me.

2. - Why are youinterested in working for this company?

I am interested in working in this company, because I have heard speak well of this company apart is recognized by people

3. - What were yourresponsibilities in your last job?

I have not had experience yet.

4. - Why did you choose this particular field to work in?

I chose to work in this field because I found it interesting, andmeets the expectations that I had about this race.

5. - What type of position are you most interested in?

I want a seat on which to go into the field

6. - What are your strengths?I'm courageous, responsible and punctual.

7. - What do you see as your major weaknesses?

I'm very distrustful of people knowing I have been very recently.

8. - Do you preferworking by yourself or being part of a team?

I prefer to work alone, but I have no problem working together, and that in any way add me well.

10. - Why should I hire you?

Hire me becauseI am responsible, and assign work that I'm going to meet. And I will not waste a job, you will not regret hiring me.

12. - How do you spend your spare time?

What happened to my family,listening to music or reading?

13. - What are your hobbies?


14. - What are your salary expectations?

How much is paid by the post to which apply

15. - Are you willing totravel or relocate if necessary?

For the time being

16. - Are you looking for full or part-time work?

Partial and I intend to study.

17. - Are you looking for a permanent ortemporary position?

Temporal, because eventually intends to develop in the study.

18. - Do you have any questions for me?

If, what benefits does the company? And how if you stay open?
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