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Universidad Tecnológica Cadereyta.

Yareli Barbosa Zúñiga
Teacher: Arianna Castillo Moreno.
Subject: Instruments Evaluation’s
Group: 34LI7

Evaluation Plan

Tuesday, December 2th 2014/Cadereyta Jim. N.L.


In my practice what really helped was I understood the difference in class instruments.
By Being front the group, I had the Control group. With verygood behaivor of children.
The first two visits were in preschool, (3rd grade) then with primary school children (1st and 2nd) grade.

The most important instruments to apply was:
By observing
Observattion guides
Lists of verification and comparation
Evaluation scales
Assesment option
Talk on the subject class
Individual work
My way to evaluate wasusing various strategies. (Activities)
To find out how well you they have developed the English, was easy to get a greeting in English, they responded very well. Since in some cases my practice inother schools, greet your get in English, do not even know how to respond. But there all had the ability to a level of learning. Although moments believed they while she was, the teacher of English Ijust could not have authority, were wrong because even with teacher they had to obey.
And as he watched and do not paied attention, its weakness was that I pretended not to hear the ringer for a break.This attitude made that the behavior was disciplined. Otherwise had consequences.

Para comenzar una buena evaluación, la teacher del grupo me platicó que ella evalua por mes, conuna carpeta de trabajo y una prueba que ella aplica. Peor para mí era necesario evaluarlos los 3 días a la semana que los visitaba. Los primeros 2 días observe su comportamiento, cuáles eran susdebilidades, quienes eran los que ocasionaban el desorden en clase, etc.
Los instrumentos que fueron útiles para mí durante mis prácticas:
Oral production, the observattion guides, the participation and...
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