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“Educando con amor llegamos a la excelencia”


Nombre __________________________________________________ GRADO _____10_______Indicador de competencia N° __7__ Fecha: ________________________________

1. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

a. We will pass (pass) the examination if westudy hard.

b. If you ____________ (go) to see this film, you will have a good time.

c. If he ______________ (play) sport, he will live longer.

d. She ______________ (not be) an architectif she doesn’t go to university.

e. They ______________ (ring) us if we give them our phone number.

f. If we ______________ (not solve) the problem, we won’t get the prize.

2.Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

a. If we (not go) now, we (miss) the bus.

If we don’t go now, we will miss the bus.
b. You (be) tired if you (not sleep).____________________________________________________________


c. If the Spanish team (get) to the final match, they (be) the World Champions.____________________________________________________________


d. If you (help) me, I (give) you a lot of money.

e. If we (sing) some carols, they (be) happy.


f. They (read) the wholeessay if they (like) it.


3. Write sentences using the first conditional.

a. the weather / be good we/ go /to the beach tomorrow.

If the weather is good, we will go to the beach tomorrow.

b. you / go / to school on foot / you / be / late.

c. I / have / money / I / buy / you...
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