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My parents want me to study medicine but I want to study music
Driver: welcome to the program.
Today we'll talk hecercade the problems between parents that keep making dreams thatchildren have driven to perform

Laila: is a girl of 17 years who want to study music. But his parents are clinging to the idea that study medicine

We welcome the public who joins us today in theforum.
We accompany psychology specialist Danna Altamirano

Laila: Good Afternoon
I do not want to pursue the dreams that my parents have planned for my

Jazmín: I do not want my daughter to studyfor musician because it has no future in that career furthermore not following the family steps
Armín: I agree with my wife because all my family are integrating graduates in medical school and mydaughter would break with the tradition of our family

Driver: Psychologist thinks our theme

Psychologist: I actually think that Laila's parents should understand and analyze the situation whereyour daughter is
Support their in what does she need and leave aside damage. But this requires a process for which they must take to achieve family therapy family integration

Driver: listening tothe psychologist thinks What about Mrs. Jasmine?

Jazmín: My daughter does not have something secured in the music world, her expectatives are playing in seedy bars! Besides, I only seek the bestfor her.

Armin: Well it would have to consider not imagine the situation because my family would think if this event were to occur
Driver: In my personal opinion. Maybe I can contribute something.I as a mother I think one should support their children to see her success and successful in life but always keep in mind and do not forget that education is the most important thing in lifeDriver: Psychologist what do you think about all of this?

Psychologist: I agree with you 100 porcent. A duty of parents to ensure the future of the children but should always make room for them to...
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