Fixed Assets

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Within the accounting of a company can be classified as depreciable assets as depreciable, and this classification often coincides with the type of fixed assets,movable and immovable.
The property assets, such as land, offices ... etc. depreciates so rarely considered non-depreciable fixed assets.
In contrast, if depreciable fixed assets refer to those assetsfurniture, such as tools, machines, vehicles and furniture inside the company.
To keep proper accounting, both land and buildings, which usually is not depreciated, it must be separated into differentaccounts separately.
* Buildings: 20 years
* Furniture: 10 years
* Machinery and Tools: 10 years
* Company cars: 5 years
Straight Method
The straight linemethod is the simplest method and most used by companies, and involves dividing the value of the asset to the asset's useful life. [Asset value / Life]
According to Decree 3019 of 1989, the buildingshave a lifespan of 20 years, personal property, machinery and equipment, trains, planes and ships have a lifespan of 10 years, vehicles and computers have a useful life of 5 years .
Method of the sumof the digits of the year
This is an accelerated depreciation method that seeks to determine a higher tax rate depreciation in the early years of the asset's useful life.
The formula applied is:(Life / sum digits) * Assets Value
Method balances reduction
This is another method for accelerated depreciation. For its implementation, necessarily requires the use of a salvage value, otherwise inthe first year would depreciate 100% of the asset, so could invalidate this method.
The formula used is as follows:
Depreciation rate = 1 - (salvage value / asset value) 1 / n
Where “n” is theasset's useful life
Method of production units
This method is very similar to the straight line as the depreciation is distributed evenly across each of the periods. To determine the depreciation...
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