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Basic hand labor
1. Elementary school education
Almost all of the workers that works for plants are very basic hand labor , the mayority has just finish elementary school because theyresources. Plants all of the time gets people with kind of resources but sometimes they have a problem . Is that they dident have and education before they know the basic things. In order to all this is whythere is a person in charge of the company skills training.

B. Company skills training
1. Company training
2. Learning to use the plant machinery
Packaging equipment
First thethe workers learn how to use de machinery equipment for the sealing packaging that its one of the more important process. You can’t permit new workers to star doing this it looks simple , but you must ahave care because you can get burned because the machinery is in high temperature , an usually at the beginning we can see some accidents. Then most of the workers are Tosco and this machines arefragile you should have a special care with this.
The process star by getting the bags an sealing it from side then they are sended , to the production are to put the product inside and after that theycome again for the special sealing empaque al vacio. There is one persona in the plant charge of all of this to train the workers to get use to use the special machinery.
A pack is only as good asits seal. Pouches are normally sealed on three edges during manufacture, leaving one edge to be sealed after filling. Heat sealing is the normal method of closing wet fish prepacks, usually by means ofan electrically heated bar or strip; the metal may be heated continuously or heated and cooled alternately by an impulse technique. Some heat sealers employ high frequency heating, whereby rapidreversal of the current generates heat within the film. Also there are automatic sealing machines
Automatic sealing machines usually employ a continuously heated bar which is clamped on the edge of the...
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