How to negotiate with argentina

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Argentina is the most European country in Latin America. Most Argentines are of Spanish or Italian descent and they greatly admire European culture, especially French andEnglish.

Argentina is a country of contacts. A network of family, political and business relations dominate the business world.

Argentina's population is concentrated in the main urban centers. Athird of the population and half of the country's wealth are in the greater Buenos Aires area.

Argentines not only have faith in their own capabilities, but they can be choosey when it comes toletting foreigners have the "privilege" of investing or working in Argentina

Most businesspeople arrive at their offices between 9:30 A.M . and 10 A.M ., Monday through Friday, and often stay as late as8 P.M. While schedules are getting tighter in Buenos Aires, many take a two-hour lunch break between 1 and 3 P.M. Many stores also close for siesta, and in the provinces nap-time may last until 4 or 5P.M. Stores generally stay open from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. , Monday through Friday, but close on Saturdays at 1 P.M. for the rest of the weekend. Shopping centers generally remain open until 10 P.M.every day except Sunday, when stores close at 5 P.M. Kioskos

Negotiation Strategies:

*To gain access to argentine market is the best to have a representative to take the product into the country.Representatives operate more like distributors than agents, and are responsible for retail distribution, logistics, after-sales service, etc.

*For foreign trade operations you must register at theNational Registry of Importers and Exporters. This institution can provide listings of Argentinean companies with each product they import as well as their overseas suppliers.

*It is essential tofind out the international experience of the company or the managers that you are dealing with. The more overseas business dealings they have, the easier it will be to wrap up agreements.

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