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In 1983, it is as a commercial undertaking with the name "Charrito INDUSTRIES SA DE CV ", and this year started the production line of fried banana chips packed in polythene bags of 100grams.

For 1984, the brand category Charricos annexed the corn tortilla chips nixtamalized line of products offered to its customers and consumers. Since then part of our product catalog Botanerotortillas and flat round toast. .

In the same way that the brand has grown in proportion to consumer demand has been increasing the number of staff according to the expansion
of productionlines.

In 2006 our product line grows, increasing the presentation of the category with the introduction of bananas to 50 grams in packaging gravure laminated and metallized polypropylene, inthree different flavors: salted, jalapeño chile with chile and lime.

With the growth of consumer demand, also sought new channels of distribution, so has extended the distribution of our productshave a presence in cities such as Ciudad del Carmen, Merida, Monterrey, Mexico City and all the State of Tabasco.

2008, was established as a momentous year in the evolution of the company because weincorporate the category of PEANUTS and pistachios to our product line and managed to consolidate the export plan CANADA being the first market in which it has formal presence internationally.MISSION

Be present in every home, committing ourselves to excellence and quality in the market constantly innovating to ensure the results generated total satisfaction to our customers and consumers,thus consolidating the success of our company. Improving further the lives of family members "Charricos."


Transcend borders, expand our market beyond the Mexican southeast, covering thedistribution of our products throughout the country, as well as the United States, Central and South America, adapt our workforce through our production capacity and increase it if necessary to...
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