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Ejercicio 3

1-I used to buy chocola before school
2-He used to watch dramna film
3-she used to study in my bedroom
4-I used to hate maths
5-she used to iron in the afternoom

Sentences inpast
1-She dedided to wirte the letter
2-We worked in new work last summer
3-They covered the damase
4-He dated with her on Friday
5-She laked her closet

-Sentences in present
1-You work in acompany
2-He drinks a lot of water
3-He flies an airplane
4-She stuies for the test of tomorrow
5-He watches T.v

4-When my dad worked in a company he used to drink a lot of water at work andwhile the arplane was travelig .On I studied for the test morning and my brother used to watch tv.I used to buy chocolates before school. My siter he used to iron in the afternoom .While my brotherstudying in his room he hates studying math


She is rhiana has green eyes and is a singer

this is nice paisaje has crystal blue water with a water an lost of nature beautiful green grassHe is armin van buuren is the number one dj electro music here is in black shirt consierto trai

this house right away is the beautiful red sun with tow children playing and the house is a vergreen tree

5- Company Nike
Market place sport shops work place the society is very union
Is very rich and millonarie community is very union 4 locals in the city
Environa ment no to move a theevirament gobernament is arund the world

Company adidas
Adidas is a multinational manufacturer of athletic shoes and apparel, is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. ALSO produces otherproducts such as bags, shirts, watches, eyewear and other sports-related products and clothing. Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest sportswear manufacturer inthe world
Division mark

The brand is divided into four styles of clothing:
Adidas Originals, dedicated to clothing (pants, sweaters, shirts, etc.), The logo is a species of maple leaf (This...
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