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The iPodMiss: Mariela Labbé
Students: Samuel Arteaga O.José Tomás Guerra G.Introduction
The music has always been a relevant topic in the technology area and in the life of the people. In all the history there have been different ways for listening to it: liveconcerts, radio, cassette, CD`s, Walkman, etc.. But, which is the best and the most confortable way to listen to music?
In this report we want to show that the iPod is one of the greatest inventions intechnology and, also, another objective is to explain why this product has been in the top of the market since its official presentation.
It was 2001 when a new invention was created torevolutionize the world: the iPod. It was a different way for listening to music that was never seen before. Its creator, Steve jobs –owner of Apple Inc. - announced the iPod line on October 23 of thatyear.
IPod is a line of portable media player that can play several audio file formats including MP3, AAC/M4A, Protected AAC, AIFF, WAV, Audible audiobook, and Apple Lossless .. It was the first toolfor listen to music, see photos and play games in the same object. A complete innovation for the first years of the 21 century. Other thing that made the iPod known in all the countries was theawesome "Apple Click Wheel” that gives better performance compared to the rest of the music players because it increases by more than 50% the selection and use of the player. Also, the publicity impact...
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