Is it worth to be admired

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“There is something I have learned, but it makes me feel guilty and is hard to figure out. If a person admires you a lot you despise him and don’tcare – and it’s the person who doesn’t notice that you are apt t admired. This is not easy to realize”
This is the way in which Pete expresses his conclusions about the truth of idealizing someoneelse in Carson McCullers’ short story “Sucker.” Throughout the story, he explains how he got to this thought. Therefore, a detailed analysis of the structure of the story, and not only of the attitudesof the characters; Pete, Sucker and Maybelle, but also the changes they suffered need to be examine in order to come to this truth that “is not easy to realize.”
Pete, who is the narrator of thestory, is a sixteen year-old boy whose attitudes and feelings will determine sucker’s change. The character of Pete shows us that he is a boy who thinks that by being aggressive towards others as well asdespising him, he will get the admiration of others, specifically Maybelle’s.
“She didn’t act glad to see me anymore. (…) Sometimes when Maybelle was around, a devil would get into me and I’d hold myface stiff and call grown men by their last names without the Mister and say rough things”
This behaviour is due to Sucker, his first cousin who has been part of is family for a long time, used toadmire Pete, no matter what he did or said even if he was wrong, “And Sucker thought anything I did was always swell.”
In my opinion, we idealize people or someone for we consider that personpossesses something we lack. On the other hand, we tend to idealize a person when we seek an archetype to be guided by. For instance, I would ascribe the latter to Sucker since he lost his parents when hewas a little kid and had the guidance of nobody. Consequently, his closest companion is Pete.
Though Pete despised Sucker and treated him roughly, Sucker will admire him without caring about his...
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