Joanna's Story

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Early years
1.What did Joanna do to Tom at his birthday party?
Joanna joker and Tom broke the glass
2.How did Joanna protest about her punishment?
She doesn't eat.
3.What did Joanna look like compared to Clare?
Joanna is the oposite of Clare, she is small and blonde, short and little fat.
1.Why wasn’t Joanna nervous at the entrance exam?
Because she ismore interesting in the boys that in the exam.
2.What was Clare and Joanna’s first “mission” at the grammar school?
Their first mission at the grammar school was to be kissed.
3.What special quality did Clare have?
She make a lot of friends very easy.
4.Why was Joanna really jealous of her friend a year later?
Joanna was really jealous because Clare found a boyfriend, Jan before she hada successful conversation with some boy.
5.What did Clare think about Joanna’s feelings for Mr McCarthy?
Clare thought Joanna couldn’t do anything about it. She didn't like becuse McCarthy was old of her father.
6.Which two parts of her body was Joanna obsessed about?
She is obsessed with her face and her bottom because she think that's very big. .
7.Why did Joanna stop going out withNick?
Because one day at the park Nick say that her bottom was very big.
1.What did Joanna decide to do after finishing the relationship with Nick?
She decided doing a diet very stric and lose a little of weight.
2.After three months, what was Joanna’s diet on a typical day?
She eats only a fruit, vitamins and diet coke cola.
3.What did Joanna’s parents want her to do?
Theywant her to see a doctor because they think she was suffering an eating disorder.
1.Did Joanna have to stay in hospital during her treatment? Why?
No, because they decided isn't serious to be hospitalized yet.
2.What was Dr Parker like?
He is honestly, and that is very important to Joanna because they parents speak to her always as a little girl.
3.Why did Joanna have to stopexercising?
She stop exercising because is necessary for the treatement.
4.What was Joanna’s best quality to help her overcome anorexia?
Joanna had a lot of strength to do everything.
5.What happened to Joanna six months later?
Six months later, Joanna met Billy, they also have anorexia.
1.What happened to Ricardo and his best friend Pablo?
They have a car accident.2.What was Pablo’s reaction when Ricardo called him in his hospital room?
Pablo was very angry with Ricardo and didn’t want to see him.
3.Were Ricardo’s parents angry with him? Why/Why not?
His parents weren’t angry with him because they was conce trated for his healthy.
4.What kind of student did Ricardo use to be?
He's an excellent student.
5.When and where did Ricardo meet Raul?He met him at the first of the school, in the new school.
6.Why did everyone at the school start to respect Ricardo?
Because he have character and he isn't coward.
7.How did Raul, Ricardo and the others celebrate their new friendship?
They go to the park and drink.
8.What happened to Pablo at the “wild party” on Friday evening?
He was drunk.
9.What did Pablo want to do on Saturdayevening?
He wanted to go to the cinema with Ricardo or play poker.
10.How did Ricardo react when Pablo refused to go to the party?
Ricardo was angry with Pablo because he think that he want do things like a little boy.
11. What did Ricardo tell his parents when they expressed their worries about his behavior?
Ricardo told his parents to leave him alone and stop trying to control him, because hesaid he was old enough to take care of himself.
12.What did Ricardo promise his father after the doorman found him sleeping on the floor?
He promised his father he wasn’t an alcoholic, and that he could change on his own.
13.What tricks did Ricardo use to hide the fact that he was drinking again?
He began to go drinking during school hours, and he kept a strong mouthwash in his backpack...
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