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RTP 1200 Series
The RTP 1200 Series is based on thermoplastic polyurethane technology and includes a wide variety of custom compounds including: conductive, wear/abrasion resistant, flame retardant, precolored materials, and high gravity.

RTP 2800 Series
The RTP 2800 Series is RTP’s olefinic TPE series and includes (thermoplastic vulcanizates) TPV technology as well as specialty TPOtechnology.

ABS = Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene • PC = Polycarbonate • PC/ABS = PC/ABS Alloy • PBT/PC = Polybutylene Terephthalate/Polycarbonate • PET/PC = Polyethylene Terephthalate/Polycarbonate • PC/PMMA = Polycarbonate/Acrylic Alloy • RTPU = Rigid Thermoplastic Polyurethane • LDPE = Low Density Polyethylene • PP = Polypropylene • PS = Polystyrene • PP/LGF = Polypropylene/Long Glass Fiber

RTP1500 Series
The RTP 1500 Series is based on Copolyether-ester elastomer technology as the basis for wide variety of high performance custom thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds including conductive, wear/abrasion resistant, flame retardant, precolored, and high gravity.

RTP 2900 Series
The RTP 2900 Series is based on PEBA TPE technology as the basis for a wide variety of high performancecustom TPE compounds, including conductive wear/abrasion resistant, precolored, and high gravity.

RTP 2700 Series
The RTP 2700 Series is RTP’s line of (styrenic block copolymer) SBCs compounds. These products exhibit a good blend of properties, ease of processing, and colorability. SBC technology is also the foundation for a wide range of custom compounds.

RTP 6000 Series
The RTP 6000Series is a line of TPE products designed to offer specific performance benefits and expand the performance benefits available. This product line includes products that exhibit excellent bonding to rigid substrates for overmolding applications, and improved wet-grip performance for specific grip applications.

* The above products are RTP Company’s standard TPE offering. Additional hardness gradesand specialty compounds are available.

There are a variety of TPE technologies available offering a wide range of mechanical properties and end-use performance. In may cases, the performance range of different TPE compounds overlap and make specific grade selection uncertain. Knowing how a material will be used in its end-use application isimperative during the material selection process. RTP Company product development engineers are well versed in seeking out the information necessary to ensure an appropriate material is recommended. This TPE application checklist has been developed to help you prepare thoughtful answers to common questions.

Application Checklist
A complete description of the application and its function orpurpose?
• • • • What will be the function of the TPE in this application? What fabrication and assembly processes will be used? If co-extrusion or overmolding process, what substrate material? Is an existing material being replaced? Concept Drawing Tooling Prototype Material specification

At what stage is the application in the design cycle?

Is there a cost target to be considered?
• Materialcost per pound? • Material cost per part?

Are there temperature requirements?
• • • • Maximum service temperature? Minimum service temperature? Constant use temperature? Length of exposure to extreme temperatures?

Will there be exposure to environmental conditions?
• Indoor, outdoor, or combination of use conditions? • UV exposure that may affect color or properties? • Exposure to specificsolvents or chemicals? Acids Bases Oils Others • Time length of exposure to conditions? • Temperature during exposure?

Are there any regulatory requirements?
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Flame retardant to UL or other agency standard? Meet a specific automotive specification? Comply with FDA or NSF for food or water contact? Comply with USP class VI for a medical device? Comply with...
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