La contaminacion luminica

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In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the light bulbs. Since then, the world has become awash in electric light with powerful lamps light up streets, yards, parking lots, and billboards; creating lightpollution. Light pollution is defined as the lightening of the night sky due to artificial light being scattered about, it is also known as sky glow. Unnecessary light not only wastes massive amounts ofelectricity, but it affects animal and even us humans.

The truth is that there are indoor and outdoor lighting that can be harmful in the long run. Research has been being done on the subject foryears and it is well known that indoor fluorescent lighting can cause many health problems such as migraine headaches, fatigue, irritability, breast cancer and many other health conditions. But asfor the outdoor environment, nighttime security lighting poses the biggest threat in terms of light pollution. Moreover, studies have shown that outdoor security lighting does not reduce crime, and usesapproximately 800 pounds of coal each year per light, wastes billions of dollars annually.
Did you know that constant lighting could destroy crops, trees and even wildlife? Plants depend on thecycle of light and dark for proper growth. For some plants, the onset of darkness is crucial to the flowering and reproduction process. Birds have been known to fly into towers and windows at night dueto the confusion caused by nighttime lighting. Night was meant to be dark, but that is no longer the case in our large urban communities. In fact, in some places like Las Vegas, you cannot even tellit is night because the billions of lights are so bright you feel like you’ve stepped into another dimension.

Nighttime lighting unravels our natural internal clock, the one that naturally tellsus when it’s bedtime. Nighttime is meant to be a rest period, with the exception of the animals that are nocturnal. Which brings me to another point; lights scare away the predators and critters that...
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