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Lesson Plan
Centro Escolar: Católico Inmaculada Concepción Date: Monday, August 27, 2012
Level: Seven gradeTeacher: Luis Miguel Chacón Rodriguez
Topic: Jobs, Occupations and Workplaces

General Objective: At the end of the class, students will be able to identify and apply correctly the correct word toidentify professions. Complete sentences writing where professionals work. Tell somebody where someone works.
Warm up: (5 minutes) both teacher and students are going to play hot potato game.
Theteacher explains to students how to play. Begin play by giving the hot potato to someone in the class while music plays. This person must then pass of the hot potato (bean bag or ball) as quickly aspossible either in an order manner by throwing it across the classroom to another player when the music stops students have to take a piece of paper involved into the potato. Then they have to answerthe question written on the paper. Play continues until there are no more papers left on the potato.
Hot potato remains a popular children's party game, as well as an activity for practicing motorskills such as eye–hand coordination and catching.
Development activities:
Activity 1: (10 minutes) the teacher is going to explain the correct word to identify professions. Complete sentences writingwhere professionals work. Tell where someone works, by using a chart previously made which contains a different job and a specific workplace and 10 examples applying auxiliary “DO” in sentences andquestions. (work on text book, pages 53, 54)
Activity 2: (15 minutes) Students will answer some questions that teacher will ask in order to verify their understanding then, they will write 2 sentencesfor each job showed previously in class in their notebooks applying the auxiliary “do” and complete 10 sentences telling where each person works.
Activity 3: (10 minutes) Have students to create...
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