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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you about the article on global warming which was published in your newspaper last Monday. The article raised some significant and currentissues which I would like to comment on here and I think all your readers need to turn their attention to this matter.

At the beginning of the article, the writer claims that thesituation regarding global warming is not encouraging. I am afraid I have to disagree. Besides, I am convinced that if we do not face up to this serious problem now, our planet andwe, the people, will suffer catastrophic consequences.

I am inclined to believe that each person can contribute to the environment with simple, inexpensive and personal solutions.However, it is not necessary to return to the ´dark ages`. For instance, if every household worldwide replaced one regular light-bulb with an energy-saving model, which come in allshapes, sizes and prices. You would cut back on heat-trapping pollution and you would economize on your electric bills and light-bulbs.

Furthermore, you can plant trees on yourproperty and urban areas, thus storing carbon dioxide and reducing the emissions of poisonous gases as carbon monoxide. Moreover the trees planted in and around urban zones andresidences can provide much-needed shade in the summer. What is more when you are washing your hands, soaping in the shower or doing dishes in the kitchen sink, you could turn off thewater until you actually need it for rinsing.

In conclusion, simple steps can minimize the impact of the global warming in our planet, even so if we do not take measures soon, theresults will be impossible to reverse. Although you would keep it in mind, we can confront the problem without having change our lifestyle dramatically.

Yours faithfully,

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