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Name: Ada Camila Arandia Hernandez Group: 3 Date: March 6th, 2012
Task: Write a 150 – 400 word composition where you describe your life project, including your personal,family, professional and social expectations for the coming ten years in your life. Your description must include a short introduction, body of the presentation and conclusion. Youmight use the language forms: I want... I would like to… I am going to… etc. |
Hi! I´m Camila Arandia, I´m going to share my life project in the next ten years in my life.Personal expectations, in my personal life I would like to be a more patent person, I want not to stress out a lot because I get stressed out easily and I also want to learn how tomanage my time and I want to have a more organized life. Family expectations, I would like to become in the better mom for my child and I also want to make an example of life formy son, I would like to teach English from small to my son Ethan. For the time being I wouldn´t like to have more children, I would like to find my other half, my ideal partner.Professional expectations, I´m going to finish English course and after that I would like to start a professional career in Administration focus in Human Talent, and If it ispossible at the same time I would like study other languages like French, German… I would love it. Social expectations, I would like to buy my own things like a bed, a TV, my son´sbed and I´m also going to save money for a flat. I would like to travel with my son and I would like to know other countries and maybe I would like to live in there. Finally, Iwant to do all my projects with effort and faith I think all is possible. My son and my family are the best reason for all these dreams. I hope to fulfill all these. |
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