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ESL Approach
I chose the whole language approach and communicative approach. The whole language approach has various characteristics. It implies that meaning is at the core of the readingprocess: one reads to think and to comprehend. Reading is an interactive process which requires the reader to use his prior knowledge, or schema, to make sense of the author’s words. It builds newknowledge upon this prior knowledge and experience. All learners can be motivated through readings that have meaning to them. When they read familiar meaningful texts they draw upon their “storage” tounderstanding and get new knowledge. It is a constructive process where readers require learning to reason about written material using knowledge from everyday life. The emphasis is placed on creatingthe need to understand and communicate. The reading materials we choose must be authentic, real life, and meaningful to the learner. Writing, the other side of reading, is equally important. Readinginvolves many strategies, such as predicting meaning and using meta cognitive skills, and these strategies should be taught beginning when a child enters school and continuing throughout school life.As a teacher , based on the above characteristics, I would develop lessons which have realistic goals and objectives and uses meaningful activities that motivates and involves students to reachthose goals and objectives. I recognize that each reader brings to the reading process a unique set of past experiences, emotional and mental processes, level of cognitive development, and interestlevel in the topic. I also recognize that not all teaching strategies will be effective for all students. I’ll try to select the most effective teaching strategies to use with my group of students. Forexample: using titles and illustrations to understand a passage, skimming, scanning, summarizing and guessing word meanings makes them become aware of the reading process. The reading material must...
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