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Student Info. Recommendation Worksheet
Name: Ricardo Galvez
My future goal:
As of now, I plan to attend a university of my choice, studying marketing communications (Business),photography, and film. After college, I’ll move to Los Angeles and enroll in Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and get my associates of Arts Professional Designation in Beauty IndustryMerchandising and Marketing while interning at Teen Vogue in L.A. If all changes, another option after graduating from college, I’ll work at the Peace Corps and travel overseas to document an area, make a video,and take photographs to raise awareness of issues in other parts of the world that many Americans and other nations are unaware about. Lastly, another possible plan is to work for National Geographic,travel the world, and photograph angelic, almost surreal like places and expose it to the public.

Please list the senior year courses:
Advanced Placement Spanish Literature
University HighAdvanced Placement Calculus AB
University High Advanced Physics
University High Arizona/ United States Government
University High Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition

What do I see as my greatest strengths? Greatest weaknesses?
Strengths: Imagine the school being a battlefield and within each classroom, it’s a war. I’m the soldier. Without fear, I will doanything to win; to reach my goals. Like a soldier, I listen. Everything the teacher says, I soak it up to the best of my ability and learn. I don’t talk a lot, and when I need to, I raise my hand andask question just to have a full understanding of what I’m about to attack. I’m very observant too. I do a lot of scanning and pay attention to everything; basically, I’m very aware of what’shappening around me. If any doubts, I ask.
Observant, listening, once fails, only wishes to become a lot better,etc self motivated
Weaknesses: confidence, getting nervous around people

Describe any...
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