Main Invents Of Human

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Think about a list of 8 inventions that are the most important to humankind.
Martin Ulises Ramos Guerrero
In this time I am going to talk about the inventions that are the most important to theworld. Many of them are used in our daily life and are necessary to the human.1
Wheel: The wheel was invented in the end of Neolithic period. It has been used by the human by thousands of years. Manyyears old was used in machines, to the transportation and also to the agriculture. The wheel has changed around the years mainly in the transportation, since its inventions was just a stone, then itwas changing to become a wood and now is so different and more effective. I think that is a important advancement to the industrial world.1
Electricity: Its inventor was Thomas Edison in 1879. Otherthing important is the electricity because today we need it to work; also it is part of our daily life without doubt. The electricity is used in factories to run the machines. In all the homes we usethe electricity, in the TV, or a computer, to charge a cell phone, a refrigerator. It is important because without the refrigerator our foods would be decomposed. It is useful to advance thetechnology.2
Internet: It was born in 1969 in United States. The passing of the years the internet has changed its velocity to browse in the network. Its mainly site is “WWW” (World Wide Web). It is used byeverybody, is easy to use and is mainly used by students to work in tasks or in the companies. In the companies is used to transfer information around the world. It changed our environment to work, nowis more quick and easy. Whether a day there were no internet I think that everyone will be paralyzed, I think that is a source of employment.3
Printing press: Gutenberg worked to build hisrevolutionary printing press in 1439. The printing press has revolutionized the form of to create books, in the beginning was so expensive and only could be used by rich people. Thanks to the printing press...
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