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Instrucciones. a) Duración: 1h30m. b) No se permite el uso de diccionario. c) La puntuación de las preguntas está indicada en las mismas. d) Las opciones A y B no se pueden mezclar.

OPTION A: “The Loch Ness monster: a famous creature”
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For a long time the Loch Ness monster has been seen in Lake (Loch) Ness in Scotland. This creature, which resembles a large aquatic serpent, is today best known as Nessie, a nickname given by its fans. Although nobody knows for sure if it really exists, the monster is a celebrity today. In fact, there are video cams and web cams on different points of the lake ready tocapture a picture of Nessie. Many people have moved to tents and mobile homes in the vicinity hoping to see their long-awaited ”idol”. There is even a reward for whoever sees him arise from the depth of the waters either live or through the cameras installed for that purpose. There are many theories surrounding the Loch Ness monster. Most researchers believe that a specimen of this creature could haveexisted in the lake at least 200 million years ago, and that very possibly any actual living Nessie could be the descendant of many generations from the original monster. They also think that there is more than one Nessie, or that there is a possible underwater passage allowing the monster to travel. In the United States, a similar monster has been reported in Lake Champlain, Vermont. Thiscreature, known as Champie, would strengthen the idea of a possible underwater passageway connecting Scotland to the USA; Champie could be Nessie, changing its identity. The first documented report on the monster was made in 1930, but he became famous and was widely publicized in the early 1960s. Nowadays, although many people claim they have seen the monster in recent years, the cameras installed showno clear shots of Nessie, only movement in the lake’s waters. Nobody has claimed the reward yet, but Nessie’s enthusiasts keep watching the lake religiously. In the United Kingdom, confirming the existence of Nessie is irrelevant because the monster has a purely mythological meaning for the British people, and particularly for the Scottish, who do not need proof to believe in the monster’sexistence. There is a popular legend saying that a certain hornpipe melody has the ability to attract Nessie to the surface; however, only a few people who know the music are still alive today.

I * COMPREHENSION (4 points: questions 1-3, 1 point each; 4-5, 0.5 points each) ANSWER QUESTIONS 1-3 ACCORDING TO THE INFORMATION GIVEN IN THE TEXT. USE YOUR OWN WORDS. 1 What initiatives have been taken to proveNessie’s existence? Give at least two. 2 Is there any relationship between Nessie and Champie? Explain. 3 According to the tradition, how can the creature be brought out of the water? ARE THESE STATEMENTS TRUE OR FALSE? JUSTIFY YOUR ANSWERS WITH THE PRECISE WORDS OR PHRASES FROM THE TEXT, OR USE YOUR OWN WORDS. 4 Most researchers believe that the Loch Ness Monster is only an invention. 5 It isimportant for the British people to prove that the Loch Ness Monster really exists. II * USE OF ENGLISH (3 points; questions 6-9, 0.25 points each; 10-13, 0.5 points each) 6 FIND IN THE TEXT ONE SYNONYM FOR “proof”(NOUN). 7 GIVE AN ADJECTIVE WITH THE SAME ROOT AS “meaning” (NOUN; LINE 17). 8 FIND IN THE TEXT THE WORD WHICH HAS THE FOLLOWING DEFINITION: “an informal name for someone or something”. 9WHICH WORD DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME MEANING?: Look like / resemble / look up / be like. 10 REWRITE THE SENTENCE WITHOUT CHANGING ITS MEANING. BEGIN AS INDICATED: “Researchers believe Nessie descends from another 200-year old creature.” >>> Nessie … 11 JOIN THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES USING AN APPROPRIATE LINKER (DO NOT USE AND, BUT, OR BECAUSE). MAKE CHANGES IF NECESSARY: “British people believe that...
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