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If consumed naturally, its benefits are multiplied, said Dr. Jonny Bowden, spices Forbes consulted to establish a nutritious diet.

It is shown that the best diets include natural unprocessed foodsand all groups, because this state allows them to keep all their proteins and benefits for the body.
The website, with the idea of ​​making a menu to stay away from processed foods aspossible, asked the specialist dietitian Bowden Jony elborar a list of natural foods should be consumed to achieve the greatest health benefits. The doctor noted some as unpasteurized milk and meat fromanimals fed only vegetables. Meet ten of them.
1. Moras. All kinds of berries that have similar characteristics have similar benefits for the body. They are rich in potassium and sugars necessaryfor detoxifying the body. Strawberries and raspberries are antioxidants and even help prevent cancer.

2. Beans. The seed derived from leguminous plants are rich in protein and fiber in addition tobeing associated with benefits in treating chronic degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer and diabetes.

3. Nuts. The set consists of nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and chestnuts. Itsregular consumption decreases by up to 50 percent risk of heart attacks. These foods are energy suppliers for the body and vitamins as well as an important source of calcium.

4. Salmon. To prevent theeffects of cellular aging, the best food is fish. In the case of cold-water fish like salmon or warm, mackerel and sardines, the benefit is even greater due to the large presence and Omega-3 acid theycontain.

5. Raw milk. Many positions among the advocates of raw or pasteurized drinking, doing so naturally helps strengthen bones, improve digestion and contain probiotics.

6. Beef pasture. Itis the most natural way to eat this food because it contains less total fat and less cholesterol per 100 grams. The amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 is ideal for preventing heart disease, diabetes and...
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