Objetivos Del Departamento De Recursos Humanos

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The goals of the human resource management department may vary widely from organization to organization, but there are some key goals that should be the same,regardless of industry or company size. The human resource department should be strongly linked to the strategic goals of the organization and any activities should contribute to achieving thosegoals.

The first goal of the human resource management department is increasing productivity. Organizations that are focused on increasing productivity will make sure that the human resourcedepartment participates in all decisions that affect the implementation of strategies that will result in better productivity. Resources are devoted to the human resource management department in order toresolve current issues before new issues are presented. In addition, the human resources personnel in these organizations develop programs that contribute to productivity increases and communicate with linemanagers to assess program effectiveness. Finally, the organization's staff members all share responsibility for developing policies and administering programs that allow for increases inproductivity.
The second goal of the human resource management department is increasing the quality of work life for an organization's employees. Many employees want more challenging work and more control overthe way their work is performed. It is up to the human resource management department to develop policies and programs that increase the quality of work life for employees. Policies that maycontribute to a high quality of work life include extended vacation policies, sick policies that offer extended time off for emergencies, and compensation policies that give not only cash compensation,but stock options, profit sharing, and incentive opportunities. Programs that contribute to a high quality of work life may include departmental awards programs, sales incentives, employee day care...
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