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1) Listen to the text in lesson 1 again and identify where Ana and Francisco come from.
Argentina Brasil Chile Perúthe usa Venezuela R: Francisco: Chile Ana: Brasil
2) Listen again and fill in the blanks.
a) I Love Parades!
b)Families get together for big Parties.
c) People have Two Days off.
3) read the text in lesson 2 and write the event that correspond to each yeara) 1778: Celebration began.
b) 1925: the five communities finished the construction
c) 1919: a big fire damaged the church
4) Answer:
a) What kindof festivity does the text describe?
R: the religious festivities
b) How does the celebration begin?
R: the celebration begin at 11 in the morning with amass outside the church, accompanied: after lunch, there is a procession. Local people take the statues and religious figures from the church and paradethem around the town.
5) Complete:
-People always eat special food to celebrate Christmas (100%)
-we never miss a party (0%)
- Student after dancethe cueca at school in September (50%)
- Children usually fly kites in September in Chile (90%)
6) Complete using AND, OR, BECAUSE
a) ForHalloween, children wear costumes, and For Halloween, play tricks.
b) We can´t get to caguach early in the morning, because the trip takes two hours.
c) Peoplecan celebrate in winter, or people can celebrate in summer
d) People can celebrate twice because there is summer and a winter version of the festival.
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