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Step 1
First we need to insert a sphere into the scene, leave it exactly where and give it a radius of 50.

Step 2
Now we need to create a basic material for our sphere, so create a new materialand turn off the "Color" and the "Specular" options. Enable the "Reflection" tab and leave the settings as default.

Step 3
Now we shall get on to creating our lights. Our lights will be simple sowe’ll be creating a material just for luminance. We’ll disable the "Color" and "Specular" options like before, but Enable "Luminance" and set the Luminance "Brightness" to 220% to give us a brightlight for the HDRI file (which will give us a dark but cool looking scene.) If you want it brighter, just go back and change the Luminance Brightness to something a bit higher.

Step 4
We need tocreate some simple shapes to apply our luminance material to, so we’ll just create eight Planes. Create a single Plane with a Width of 25 and a Height of 400, and set the Orientation to +Z like so.Step 5
Now that you have the plane object, copy and paste it one at a time moving it on the "X" axis, 35cm at a time. Repeat this process until you have eight planes lined up. Then select the planes,Right Click and select "Group Objects", name this group ‘Strips’. Now Apply the luminance material to the ‘strips’ and apply the reflection material to the sphere. Move the ‘strips’ back on the Z axis800cm, so you end up with something like this.

Step 6
Now create some more basic shapes (like a Disc object.) Make the Outer Radius 25 and put it into a “Cloner” object, set the mode to "Radial"and change the plane from XY to XZ. Change the "Count" to 10 and the "Radius" to 150. Move the Cloner object above the sphere quite high. Then apply the the luminance material to the Cloner object. Andyou should have something like this.

Step 7
Now create more objects which you can apply the luminance material to, such as a Sphere or more Planes (or just copy and past the Planes you already...
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