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Cinthya Berenice Rocha Martínez.
Correspondence No.1
Hello Abril!
How are you? I hope you will be fine. Well the reason of my letter is to invite you and ask about a trip thatI have been planing for a long time to some places around the World, and I know you are a common traveler maybe you can tell me about some places I wil must see.
I’m planning to visit England, ofcourse France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, India, China, Japan, Australia, Egypt, Canada, U.S.A, Brazil and Chile. This trip maybe will take me like six months, I don’t know if it is little time,but I just want to see the most memorable places of each country and maybe see my limit time just see the capitals.
Well I hope you can help me and come with me.

CinthyaBerenice Rocha Martínez
Factual Writting no.2

Exercise like a fact of life.

This time I’m going to talk about the importante of getting fit.

Firstly, I’m in a fitness club callStyle Fit, our Group is formed by very important people in the exercise area, we have our own gym with the same name, we promote getting fit like a style of life.

Why is too important to getfit? Because it’s a fact of life if you use your muscles they don’t feel and look like useless, and work better, andi f they work better you live in best health.

The big problema of this society isthat we never have the time to get fit and have a better health, but always have the time to not take care of ourselves, we can help our body to get fit just walking 30 minutes every day and of courseeat better, also you have this new Choice, you can join us at Style Fit and get in shape in short time.

Cinthya Berenice Rocha Martínez
September 9th, 2011
Creative and descriptive writing no.2New Blood of rock.
Holy Blasphemy: a real bless to our ears.

Holy Blasphemy is a band form by four guys from Guadalajara, Jal; Mexico they knew each other meanwhile they studied music....
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