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Líneas de Nazca

Nazca lines, as are better known, are found in the Pampas de Jumana, Nazca in the desert between the towns of Nazca and Palpa in Peru. Were drawn by the Nazca culture.They are composed of several hundred figures cover designs as simple as lines to complex zoomorphic and geometric fitomorfas are drawn in the earth's surface

El Clima

The pampas of Jumanaare located at a height of 330 meters and maintained an average annual temperature of 25 degrees at one of the driest areas of the world, which helps preserve the pictures. The warm air actsas a cushion that prevents the lines are erased because it forces the wind to change direction

Su Extension

Between Palpa and Nazca, in the pampas of Socos are located lines drawn onthe floor, the width between 4 cm and 21 cm. It is a land between dusky and turns reddish purple at dusk. A semicircle of hills in the distance makes a giant natural amphitheater open to thewest.

In this region, thousands of lines spanning 520 km ², and some even extend to an area of 800 km ².

The lengths of the lines are variable, reaching up to measure some 275 m long.Imágenes de nazca

Anthropomorphic figure (which some identify

with an astronaut of course). There are many

figures are in Nazca, particularly in the Pampa

de San José:geometric shapes, bends, representations of animals, plants and human, mazes, and other geometric designs.

The most representative are the drawings of animals: birds of between 259 and 275meters long (giant hummingbirds, condors, heron, crane, pelican, seagull, parrot, etc.), a monkey, a spider, a snail , a lizard, a killer whale, 27 feet, a dog with long legs and tail, twollamas, etc. In the category of reptiles, an alligator, which was cut to build the Pan American Highway South, an iguana and a snake? Many of the pictures are mixed with lines and spirals.
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