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Verbo Christian High School
Module 1:
1.1: Cause &Effect
* Make up (phr v): Be part of a whole.
* Taste (n): The flavor of food.
* Smell (n): A quality of sth you notice with your nose.
* Gallon (n): Unit to measure liquid.
* Gasoline (n): Petrol.
* Lake (n): Large area of fresh water with land around it.
* Poison (n): A substance that can hurt orkill whoever drinks or comes into contact with it.
* Faucet (n): The object that controls the flow of water from a pipe.
* Drip (v): Fall in drops (liquid).
* Waste (v): Use too much of when not necessary.
* Shower (v): Wash yourself while standing under a spray of water that comes out of a pipe.
* Remove (v): Take away.
* Human brain (n): Organ inside head that controls whatwe do.
* Ice cube (n): Small block of ice we use to cool drinks.
* Sink (v): Go beneath surface of water.
* Float (v): Drift in water; not sink.
1.2: Space
* Solar System (n): The sun and all the planets around it.
* Mean (v): Indicate.
* Clear night (phr): Cloudless night.
* Naked eye (phr): Without the help of a telescope.
* Incredible (adj): Impressive,unbelievable.
* Gas giant (phr): A huge planet made up of a substance that burns easily.
* Hydrogen (n): Colorless liquid found everywhere in the universe.
* Rocky core (phr): Center made up of rock.
* Beneath (prep): Under.
* Atmosphere (n): A planet’s layer of air/gases around it.
* Reach (v): Get to.
* Active planet (phr): A planet that is still changing because ofmovements caused by eruptions.
* Produce (v): Generate.
* Ring (n): A flat layer of particles moving around a planet.
* Spread (v): Extend; open out.
* Space (n): Area where stars and other planets are.
* Gravity (n): Force that causes things to drop to the ground.
* Zero gravity (n): Condition where the force of gravity is absent (weightlessness).
* Affect (v): Influence.* Rinseless shampoo (n): Liquid used to wash your hair without using water to clean it.
* Crew (n): Who work on a spacecraft.
* Take a bath (phr): Wash yourself.
* Mid-deck (n): the mid area of a vehicle such as a boat or ship.
1.3: Bad habits
* Typical of (adj): Characteristic of.
* Gets to you (phr v): Causes to suffer, annoys you.
* Go for it (phr): Increase effortsto achieve sth.
* I’m starving (phr): I’m very hungry.
* Gross (adj): Unpleasant.
* Puts me off (phr v): Annoys; disgust me.
* Gets on my nerves (phr): Irritates me.
* Hard to break (phr): Difficult to stop.
* Poke (v): Push with a finger.
* Stomach is grumbling (phr): Stomach makes a low continuous sound.
1.4: Our Planet
* Destroy (v): Cause damage; ruin.
*Area (n): Part of a region.
* Provide (v): Make available.
* Species (n): A class of plants/animals with same characteristics.
* Lose (v): Not succeed/ not win.
* Pollute (v): Poison; make dirty or dangerous.
* Smoke (n): A gas form sth burning.
* Acid rain (n): Polluted rain from gas coming from factories.
* Under threat (phr): In danger of not existing anymore.
*Throw away (phr v): Get rid of.
* Recycle (v): To process used items like bottles to be used again.
* Landfill site (n): Area where garbage is collected.
* Dump (v): Throw.
* Global population (phr): The number of people in all parts of the world.
* Feed (v): To give food to eat.
* Production (n): The amount of (goods, food) made by a company.
* Increase (v): Go up innumbers.
* Go hungry (phr): Not have food to eat; starve.
* Act (v): Do sth.
* Current rate (phr): Present pace/speed.
* Become extinct (phr): Disappear.
* Rise (v): Move upwards.
* Rapidly (adv): Quickly.
* Melt (v): To change to liquid.
* Habitat (n): Natural environment an animal lives on.
* Lose (v): Not have.
1.5: Be active
* Fries (n): French fries;...
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