Risks of human clonation

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The advance of the knowledge referred to the dynamics and the organization

of the living phenomeno has motivated the sprouting of strong preoccupations

and on attempts of limitations andprohibitions the restrictions legals. In

some cases aim to avoid abuses, discriminations and dangers. In this just line

it is possible to be located to the work of the UNESCO, which persecutes theestablishment of a universal declaration on the principles that must regulate

the work of investigation and use of the knowledge produced by Biology in

the human beings. Also are reasonablethe multiple initiatives destined to

impose restrictions to him to the reproductive clonation, is worth to say to

which it persecutes to clonar human beings, the multiple risks who it canbring, according to it have denounced most prestigious cientifics. Of made

these fears have been demonstrated founded by the challenge of the Italian

doctor Severino Antinori, who has obtainedthat in marginal geographies is

made possible to develop to the first baby clone. Imprudence, omnipotencia,

uncontrol, eagerness of profit an manipulation of the expectations of

thousands ofpairs with fertility problems are all present characteristics in an

action that involves risks difficult to anticipate and that they found manifold

repairs etics. In change, is different the casefrom the therapeutic clonation,

destined to the development of cells able to treat today incurables diseases

successfully. To prohibit the investigation in this land, if the development ofknowing would be being been uniting is that they could cure suffering.

Cause, then a just preoccupation the initiative of the president of the United

States,George W. Bush, prohibiting all theforms of human clonation, as

much the reproductive ones as the therapeutic ones. As it happens in many

areas, the decision of the central countries will repel in the rest, is for

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