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Interviewer: How did the band started?
Tom DeLonge: -The band started when Scott and I met Mark in San Diego Poway. The three decided to form the band. Seemed a good idea because we likethe music.
“I look at my chart notes and asked Travis Barker”
Interviewer: this question it’s for Travis: Did you had a problem with the other drummer of the band?
Travis barker: -I never had anyproblems with Scott and I have nothing against me as a good drummer.
Interviewer: Do you think that you are better drummer than Scott?
Travis Barker: I do not think I'm better I think he is verygood drummer. Thanks to Scott this band was successful. He was not expelled for being bad if not for the problem of alcoholism.
Interviewer: it's your turn Tom. What do you think of the expulsion ofScott?
Tom DeLonge: I think it was very good had its techniques. But having that problem in time to rehabilitate we had to tell a drummer proved to be very good as Tom. I thought it was a waste of agood drummer but could not work like that.
Interviewer: if I think it was very good and the lost if space was tough for him, but getting back to Tom. What do you think of the idea that you becamefamous almost a year? Well the 4.
Tom DeLonge: if very hard. I think I have no problem with that because I love music and I like what I mean fans will not bother us at all, we like to stand in frontof the stage and see how singing our songs.
Interviewer: you seem to be separated and returned to get to play together. As so decided to get back together?
Tom DeLonge: we decided to be a bandbecause when we got to the stage from 5 years of not touching us a good idea because it seemed to miss being a band.
Interviewer: I feel great so again be the same band to their fans like I think that.Is true that an Irish techno band also called blink? Would happen if they placed the 182 not?
Tom DeLonge: If it is true we had to add the 182 because we could take legal action. We have probably in...
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