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WEDDING BELLS | Here we are using… * Present Perfect * Phrasal Verbs * Present Progressive * Present Simple * Future |

(Elizabeth’s restaurant)
Aria: Hey Spens! Good morning! How areyou today? You look nice!
Spencer: Hi Aria! Good morning! I’m great, what about you? I haven’t seen you since last year. You look so happy and fresh!
Aria: I’m more than happy! Look my finger! I’mgetting married.
Spencer: Really!? I didn’t know that! It’s a beautiful ring! What a big rock!!
Aria: Yes, it’s beautiful, and it’s a diamond of 45 carats!
Spencer: Wow! Must have cost him a lot ofmoney. By the way, who is the lucky guy? Do I know him?
Aria: Yes, probably! And yes, you do know him! It’s my high school boyfriend, Drake; he is the best and makes me happy!
Spencer: Oh,really!? You guys are the perfect couple! And when is the big day?
Aria: Awe, thank you! Within two months and a half, I’m really happy right now! I can’t take the smile off my face!
Spencer: It’s almostcoming. You will be the most beautiful bride ever. Do you have your dress already? Because a friend of mine is seamstress, so she can make you a dress; she is amazing, really!
Aria: Thank youdarling! Yes it’s almost coming. Really? I was looking for one, because I have a friend too that is seamstress but she is really busy right now and she can’t make my dress. But thank God I came here, wouldyou call her now? I really need a dress; tell her that I pay well.

(Spencer calling the seamstress)
Spencer: Hello Alison? It’s Spencer; I’m calling because I have a friend who is getting marriedand she needs a dress urgently. Would you do her a dress?... Okay, perfect! I think that she will go later or tomorrow! Thank you so much!
Spencer: She said yes, Aria!!
Aria: Perfect!!Thanks Spens! Give me her address please.
Spencer: Okay. I have her card over here; take it!
Aria: Thanks! So, I didn’t tell you why I’m actually here. I came here because I want you to be the chef at...
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