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criptScript from Madagascar
In the forest near to the plane…
Wolf: Now that I have new friends I will end to fix the plane!!! Ready!!Finally I finish , they will be so proud of me!!
Coyote: (heenters to the stage and mess everything)
Alex: I like to move it move it!!
Gloria :He likes to move it move it!!
Marty: she likes to move it move it
All: We like to ..MOVE IT!!
Alex: That wasawesome!! I just want to return to New York!!!
Marty: Yeah!And I want mi I-pod back
Alex: I-pod ? What I-Pod? I Don´t remember any I-pod
Marty: Ha- ha ..very funny Alex, I'm not kidding
Alex:hahaha....oukey!!.. Mom how are you?
Florrie: My son !! the king of new York.. I'm a little nervous, I have never traveled in a plane!!
Alex: Needer do I , before, but you get used..
Florrie: Hahaha… I meanI don´t want to let your daddy here!! Good luck!! Send me a postal from New York!
Gloria: Hi guys!!! I can´t wait to get home.
Marty: Yeah but you will miss Moto Moto… Don´t you remember you saidit twice because is too hot!!
I lke 'em big 
I like 'em chunky 
I like 'em big
I like 'em plumpy
I like 'em round
With somethin' somethin'
They like my sound
They think I'm funky
Gloria: Very mature Marty
Nanny: Come here kitty kitty!! I´m waiting for you… I want to eat a lion casserole.
Alex: Oh no!! You!!!
Gloria: Stop!!!!
Nanny: waaaaaa…They are two, not they are three, not… Oh my God (she pass out)
Alex: That was weird but you diserved that ! (he drags her)
Julian: Surprise, freaks! Shake it! Shake it. Look, I'm a lady! I'm a lady,everyone! I'm a lady! Not really! It's me, King Julien! Which of you is attracted to me? Hands up!
Wolf: By this way my friends. Look at the new… (surpised face)
Skiper: Exactly what we should see?Wolf: I DID IT!!
Kolwasky: Not, you did not.
Wolf: Coyote!!!
Coyote enters to the stage
Wolf: Why?!!!
Coyote looks at everyone with sad eyes
Skiper and Kowaslky: Awww
Skiper : We need to...
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