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IEC 61850

Automatización y
Comunicaciones de Subestación

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data object

part of a logical node object representingspecific information, for example, status
or measurement. From an object-oriented
point of view, a data object is an instance
of a data object class. Data objects are
normally used astransaction objects; i.e.,
they are data structures
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message placed onto a communication
network intended to be read and acted
on, as appropriate, by anyIED. A
broadcast message will typically contain
the sender’s address and a global
recipient address

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uni-directional, connectionless
communicationbetween a server and a
selected set of clients


meaningful, structured, information of
applications, located in an IED, which can
be read or written
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tasks, which are performed by the substation
automation system, i.e. by application
functions. Generally, functions exchange data
with other functions. The details aredependent
on the functions in consideration. Functions
are performed by IEDs (physical devices).
Functions may be split in parts residing in
different IEDs but communicating which each
other(distributed function) and with parts of
other functions. These communicating function
parts are called logical nodes.
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In the context of this standard, the
decomposition offunctions or their
granularity is ruled by the communication
behaviour only. Therefore, all functions
considered consist of logical nodes that
exchange data.

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ability to replace a device supplied by one
manufacturer with a device supplied by
another manufacturer, without making
changes to the other elements in the

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