The global warming

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The Global Warming is mainly caused by the emission of greenhouse gas such as the carbon dioxide. This gas comes from the burning of fossil fuels andconstitutes 80% of the global warming’s causes. The important thing here is the carbon dioxide’s harmful effect. Concerning the climatic consequences, we have to face anice melt which will result in a rise of sea levels. It would be a disaster for many islands and coastal areas which may be covered or partially covered by thesea. In the same line of thought, we mustn’t forget that the animals living on ice field are endangered species. Also, there is an increase of the bad weatherwith hurricanes, floods, drought. These effects lead to human consequences. Indeed, besides the disastrous consequences of the natural disasters, diseases suchas malaria and cholera will spread in new areas.
Our goal is to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. I would like to point out that vehicles are significantproducers of this gas. Moreover, as Mauritius is an economic growing country, more and more cars are imported and sold.
The other aim that we expect to meetif you choose to offer us the Rs 500 000, is the recycling of depots. We want Mauritius to be a clean and green island. Indeed, it is becoming dirtier and thecurrent situation is alarming.
I believe that the Earth does not belong to human beings but that we are the ones who belong to the Earth. It is for this reasonthat it is our duty to take care and preserve it for the future generations. Members of the jury, I am absolutely certain that you understand my point of view.
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