The global warming

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Now days, we see and hear along people talk about this subject but most of this people really don’t care. We need know that this subject is so important for everybody, because all live in this worldand if we don’t doing nothing for it is as if we kill ourselves
In the past the man waned dominated the environment to can survivor and they can doing, but never will know that they will destroyedthe world.
I think that this problem star with the Revolution Industrial because in this period build the fist machine in the world.

The global warming is a rise in the average temperature of theterrestrial atmosphere and in the oceans.
The global warming theory postulates that the temperature is growing up noteworthy since the end of century XIX to the human activity, mainly for emission ofCO2 that increased the green house effect,.
The theory predicts, also that the temperatures will continue rising in the future if continues the greenhouse gasses emissions.

I’m worried that thepoles get melt in the 2050 and little by little our beautiful nature disappears.
But we can still do something, there are many simple measures that we can take right now to reduce the pollution thatcauses the global warming we need to do of the energy conservation part of our daily routine. For example, we can buy fluorescents lights because we will avoid than more of 300 kilos of carbon dioxidewill be emitted to air, we can use in a few quantities the electronic appliances one of this will be the microwave and the television because moreover it hurts our environment, also cause trouble toour body, we need to use less the refrigerator because this broad cast a big quantities of carbon dioxide. We can too use less our cars or motorcycles, when I go to walk in the center of my city I sawalong of girls and boys played whit their transportations, we need to use these only for something really important, look, if we use less your car and motorcycle you’ll get slimmer, and will be...
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