The House By The Sea

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The house by the sea

Autor: | Aspinall, Patricia |
The main characters are:
- John a journalist and friend of Linda and Carl.
- Carl is a very busy businessman.
- Linda is a happy girlthat is married with Carl.
- Mary is working en living in a pub.

John had a lunch in the pub and then Carl meets him. They know each other from the university were the have been in the sameclassroom. They were talking and Carl is very unhappy and that make John worried. Carl told a big story to John.

He told that he is married with a good friend of John and her name is Linda. At the firsttime they were very happy……….but Carl worked to hard and the relationship has broken. Linda live in the house by the sea and was never together with Carl. They had planned to spend the weekendsthere. After a long time, Carl goes to the house by the sea. Linda has called that she will come over after the party. But Linda doesn’t show up. He began to worry about Linda and then he meet mad Tom. Tomis a taxi driver who looks very strange. Carl goes back to home and all the lights in his house were on. That was very strange then he heard a car that drives away from his house. That make’s himworried he goes back to the station with the hope that Linda was there. Linda was not there, then he goes to the pub to ask if Linda has phoned. He told his story at Mary and she ask him to stay. Heslept very bad and gets up early in the morning. He finds two shoes and a dead fish with its head off (a lot of blood) on the beach and that makes him worry about Linda. What was happened with her? Carlwent back to his house. He called the police they arrives a view seconds later. The police man listened to Carl’s story and leaves the house. Suddenly Carl smells something in his house and find outwhat it is. He find in his bed a head of a fish. It’s very bloody but he is very happy that it isn’t Linda.

He goes back to the pub to tell Mary his story about the dead fish. Mary told that Tom...
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