The terrmoto in haiti

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Haiti is a country with more poverty, political strife and the trend of insecurity and its long history of instability and corruption have added to theconfusion. It is said that a strong earthquake strikes against Haiti shortly before 5 pm on January 12 and was devastating, leaving some 250,000 dead and 200.00 in the aftermathof the president called the destruction unimaginable. It makes a great effort to survive and there is no help and no water or food to live, President Obama promises that Haiti hasthe full support of the United States, all world leaders pledged hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of soldiers but only stayed n words and that the aid was logistics.After many serious problems soon Haiti is faced with another crisis of leadership.

Well I think that this disaster must be for us to start thinking even least bit about whatis happening and what will soon happen in our country I think is a signal that we must be prepared to what comes to us as as good citizens we suffer for others and are not to helpthe opposite. To me in particular bothers me that we see what is happening in another country and we are not to help because, as we always think that the government gets it all, Ithink that if you try to help anyway you can is good if it comes or not each person and his conscience to your compliment what you could what surprises me most is that despitewhat they went through is still a lot strength and with all the problems were now faced with many more. I am surprised that my being one of the countries with more poverty almostworld-wide to get up to strength and now there are only the horrible memories and here and hopefully it did not pass to step ESOT that very soon we will destroy what little they wed.
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