Una verdad incomoda

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Reader’s : DRACULA


1.- In 1875, Jonathan Harker received a setter from Count Drácula.

a) What country was the letter from?
b) What did Count Dracula want?
He wanted to buy a house in England, and an old house near London with a large garden.
c) Why did Count Dracula ask Jonathan Harker to visit him?
There were many papers wich Dracula had to sign. Heasked Jonathan to bring them to Castle Dracula.

2.- Jonathan asked the innkeeper at Bistriz to tell him about Count Dracula.

a) What did the inkeerper do?
He walked away without answering Harker’s questions.
b) What did the people at the inn do at first?
They stopped talking. And they looked at Harker in fear and surprise.

3.- Jonathan looked up a word in his dictionary.

a)Who was saying the word?
The people in the inn.
b) What was the word in English?
The word was VAMPIRE.
c) What did Jonathan read in the book Mina had given him?
He read many stories about the vampires of Transylvania.

4.- When Jonathan got into the coach, the innkeeper ran up to the window.

a) What did the innkeerper say to Jonathan?
Must you go to Castle Dracula?b) What did the innkeerper give to Jonathan?
A gold cross on a chain.

5.- What errible sound did Jonathan hear when it got dark?
The howling of wolves.


1.- Count Dracula met Jonathan at the door of his castle.

a) What did Count Dracula look like?
He was a very tall old man. His hair and face were white and he was dressed in black.
b) What did his hand feellike?
It was as cold as ice.

2.- ‘Can you hear the children of the night?’The Count said to Jonathan. Listen to their music
a) What were the children of the night?
The wolves.
c) what was their music?
Their howling.
3.- Jonathan noticed two strange things about Dracula.
a) What did Jonathan notice about Dracula’s theeth?
They were very long and sharp. And they werewhite.

c) What did Jonathan notice about the nails on Dracula’s fingers?

They were long and pointed.
4.- In the morning, Jonathan was shaving in front of this small mirror.
a) Why was Jonathan surprised when he heard Dracula’s voice behind him?
Because Dracula had come up behind him, but he had not seen Dracula’s face in his mirror.
a) What happened when Dracula touched the crossaround Jonathan’s neck?
The fire in his eyes disappeared.
b) What did Dracula do with the mirror?
He threw it out of the open window.

5.- Why did Jonathan begin to think that he was a prisioner in Castle Dracula?
Because wherever he went, he found locked doors. Some windows were open, but they were hundreds of metres above the ground. There was no way out of the castle for him.

1.- Jonathan fell asleep in an unlocked room. When he woke up, the air was full of golden dust.
a) What did the golden dust change into?
The shapes of three young women.
b) What did Dracula do when he came into the room?
One of the women was going to kiss Jonathan. Dracula shouted and pulled the woman away from him.
c) What did he say?
Get back, he is mine. How dare you touchhim!
2.- Dracula asked Jonathan to write three letters to Mina.
a) Did Jonathan write what he wanted in the letters?
b) What did Jonathan think that the Count was planning to do?
To kill him.
c) What was the date Jonathan put on the last letter?
29th June
3.- On 29th June, Dracula spoke to Jonathan
a) What did Dracula say?
He said that he was going to England the next day. And hesaid that perhaps he and Jonathan would meet again.
b) What didi Jonathan decide to do?
To follow Dracula to his room.
c) What did Jonathan see from the window in the passage?
He saw Dracula come out of his window and move down the wall
4.- Jonathan found a way into an old chapel
a) How many wooden boxes were in the chapel?
b) Who did Jonathan find in one of the boxes?
Count Dracula...
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