Value Proposition And Business Model

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A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and a belief from the customer that value will be experienced. A value proposition can apply to an entire organization, or parts thereof, orcustomer accounts, or products or services.
The creation of the value proposition is a very important part of our business strategy. We know that satisfying our customers is the source of sustainablevalue creation, and we think that the Chameleons offer characteristics that make us unique. We are defined by the Newness, according to our technology and innovation; by the Design and Usability,because of the comfort, attractiveness and safety we offer; and we’re are also different for our Customization: the products are designed for a specific customer and have great adaptability, so you canuse it and combine according to your clothes and even to your moods.
We develop our value proposition basing it in a review and analysis of the benefits, costs and value that the company can deliverto the customers, prospective customers, and other groups within and outside the organization.
All these are the things that define us, and our value is focused here; we look for the best for thewoman, because “the success is always built from down”, and as you can imagine, an important part in this case, are the shoes.

Business model:
Through our business model, we try to get the best wayto achieve two main objectives: to maximize our profits and perform a strong position in the market, and satisfy the feet-needs of our clients.
Summing up, we try to plan how to serve our customersfollowing a strategy and trying to make the best implementation. We have answered to the following questions:
* How to choose our potential clients: Observing the environment and the mainnecessities of the women, of different ages, to have a real idea of the demands and necessities in the society.
* Define and differentiate our products offer: We have created an innovator product,...
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