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An Inconvenient True, film in which scientific analysis is done on the causes of climate change and the implications for the world, is this moral issue? Or a political problem?PROBLEMS AND SOLUTION CLIMATE CHANGE BY AL GORE

Global warming isn’t a political problem is a moral problem, and if we allow this to continue to grow will be a serious ethicalproblem, says Al Gore. For this reason Gore is intended that everyone can understand the consequences of change and work habits to his delay, the constant emission of CO2 into theatmosphere also promote the increase of temperature.

Gore explains the process of global warming, which is due primarily to excess pollution, which makes the ultraviolet raysremain in this thin layer and make it increase its temperature.

This situation has implications for the ocean, temperatures rise and the water evaporates, which makes for morewind and rains are more intense (Katrina’s Hurricane), but also in other areas of land as the poles, where the rise in temperature leads, in the case of the North, the glaciers willhave melted and become detached from the rock, which in turn implies a rise in sea level that would remove much of the land surface.

Besides the terrible drought affecting muchof the land surface, the animals suffer too much of the consequences because the changes affect their livelihood and survival, and people, ultimately, would be subjected, as is thecase at present, to temperatures in recent years have reached 50 degrees and killed hundreds.

Al Gore gives as a solution to this chain of problems, the need for the countries,especially those who did not sign the Kyoto protocol, take responsibility for curbing emissions of pollutants and the people, possibility, and monitor the use of energy and water.
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