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This guy is German. He really is, trust me! Looking at his tour calendar, you wouldn`t know it. Because D-Nox spends more time abroad, captivating huge crowds worldwide with his genre defying setsbetween Techno, Electro and Progressive House, than in his motherland. About 95 percent of the time he is busy somewhere between Mexico, Israel, China, Australia, Russia, Japan or God knows where. Oftenplaying in front of 20,000 and more party-goons at the most renowned venues. Has this man forgotten about his roots, neglected his heritage? Certainly not, but D-Nox is simply one of the topExport-Acts of his own country. How did this come about, you might ponder? Well, let me tell you...

This more than eager youngster already started spinning 12inches way back in the days, 1992 to beprecise. He was instantly consumed by the first wave of Techno-Music that hit Germany at the time. Within a couple of years D-Nox had landed residencies at some of the elite clubs of his region; The PoisonClub 1994-96, Ratinger Hof 1995-97, Area Code 1996-2000 and Evosonic Radio 1997-99. Basically never being out of a residency job for more than a few months. Of course simultaneously stirring upnumerous top notch clubs such as the Tresor, Tribehouse, Ultraschall and the Aufschwung Ost. His intimate interplay between the electrified audience and himself is the reason for his immense popularity as adeejay. Preferably long sets with countless ups and downs are his trademark, toying with the hungry crowd for several hours, before finally dropping the party-bomb on them.

After gaining enoughexperience and musical know-how over the last decade, D-Nox decided to also pursue other goals. 2000 was the year he landed a job as an A&R for Tatsu Records. For the next 48 months the talent agent wasactive spotting the next big unsigned thing. But being the hack that he is, D-Nox started is own label called Sprout Music. Just a short period after which he also started the sub-label Plastik...
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